Monday, December 15, 2008

Pounds To Tons

Pounds to tons means that the step pyramids weigh a lot of pounds!!!! The step pyramids weigh-in at an exact 7,000!!!! That is a lot of lbs. Haha!!! Well the weight of 7,000 pounds in tons is 3 and a half. That's a ton!! Well for the people that do not know how much 1 ton it is 2,000 pounds! That is a lot!

How Big Were the Step Pyramids

The step pyramids had an entrance in the bottom part off it. It was a very big entrance. The entrance was a 54 feet (16.5m) high. That is about 5 and a half ten foot basketball goals off the ground. WOW!!! That is TALL!! What in the world do you think they needed to put through a 54 foot door. I mean all that can not fit is another step pyramid. Hahahaha!!!!!! Yeah that is huge. I do not think that one person is 54 feet tall. in less they needed a big statue that they fit through the door. But I mean that would still be a FREAKISHLY BIG statue.

The Heigth of the Step Pyramids

In size the step pyramids were big, but they were not as big as the pyramids. The step pyramids were 198 feet (60m) high from bottom base to the very top point. The base of the bottom block was 398 feet (121m) long. Going across it was 358 feet (109m). If you really think about it that is really really BIG!!!! The base could fit over 100,000 fat people on it. I am not trying to be rude but that is a lot of big people.

How the Step Pyramids were Built

This is how the step pyramids were created. The Egyptians had a rope. And we are talking about a rope 3,000 feet long. Well they put the rope around a block that is 398 feet long. And also 358 feet across. The rope fit around the block and they tied it as tight as they could. They had about 25 people in the back pushing. And about 25 people in the front pulling on the rope up a 30 degree angle ramp.

What Were the Step Pyramids Used for

The step pyramids were used for this. They buried the Egyptian people to protect their dead bodys from the jackals. The Pharaohs were protected by their own personal step pyramid. But the Egyptian people were buried with 50 other Egyptians.If you think about it would you rather want your body to be aten by jackals in the afterlife or would you rather be buried with 50 other people.