Monday, December 15, 2008

How Big Were the Step Pyramids

The step pyramids had an entrance in the bottom part off it. It was a very big entrance. The entrance was a 54 feet (16.5m) high. That is about 5 and a half ten foot basketball goals off the ground. WOW!!! That is TALL!! What in the world do you think they needed to put through a 54 foot door. I mean all that can not fit is another step pyramid. Hahahaha!!!!!! Yeah that is huge. I do not think that one person is 54 feet tall. in less they needed a big statue that they fit through the door. But I mean that would still be a FREAKISHLY BIG statue.


  1. WOW! A 54 foot that is huge.once again you had a great voice!

  2. thats one giant door...good voice...again